Skill & Career Development

Our skills and career development systems are developed in conjunction with employee task forces comprised of key stakeholders. The result is an objective, yet adaptable system that measures the key skills required to perform the work. Assessments are conducted in the actual work environment to increase participant buy-in, reduce test anxiety, and maximize fidelity. These systems incorporate promotion, career development and management, and skill standards.

Example Projects:

  • Wrote a report interpreting a research study and making recommendations for hiring and developing the careers of opticians.
  • Conducted and analysis and wrote a technical report on a study of characteristics of highly performing opticians.
  • Advised a large organization on alternatives in competency modeling.
  • Conducted a project to develop the profession of opticianry, including working with an advisory group to define the study, doing background research, and developing a study to collect data on the profession.
  • Conducted a study of opticians to collect information on eduction, experience, job tasks, job requirements, productivity, and other information to inform licensing, training, development, and promotion of profession.
  • Reviewed literature to define best practices and then conducted evaluation the practices of a large company in terms of promotion systems.
  • Developed interest inventories for 3 jobs.
  • Developed guidelines for making job assignments for staffing and career development in a large organization.
  • Developed a Career Development Review rating procedure as part of a succession management process in a large organization.
  • Created interest profiling online surveys for measuring interest and matching candidates to 10 occupational certificate programs.
  • Conducted a large-scale survey of the preferences of store managers for job assignments.
  • Developed a detailed competency model, including level definitions, for professional government employees.
  • Conducted a survey of job perferences for managers of a large company.
  • Revised the competency model for a large government agency.
  • Conducted a literature review on the definition of innovation and hiring for innovation.
  • Developed a promotion panel process for district managers in a large retail organization.
  • Reviewed and analyzed 10 certifications for information technology professionals in terms of requirements, job relatedness, and comparability for use in hiring.
  • Created an assessment center for plant manager promotions and management development for a large manufacturing company, including creating assessments (e.g., structured interviews, group exercises, and cases) and assessor training.
  • Developed a competency model for first-line supervisors in a large glass manufacturing company, including conducting interviews, conducting a survey, and visiting a plant.
  • Advising on executive succession in an animal feed company.
  • Identified and screened subject matter experts for developing national manufacturing skill standards.
  • Served on a technical advisory panel to develop basic employment skills standards to support a government agency implementing the National Skills Standards Act.
  • Advised on skills standards for manufacturing to support industry groups implementing the National Skills Standards Act.
  • Developed on-the-job training guides and assessment tools to enhance compliance with ISO/QS training standards.
  • Served as the technical consultant to the Sales and Service Voluntary Partnership (and the National Retail Federation) to develop skill standards as part of the National Skills Standards Act.
  • Served as the technical consultant to the Manufacturing Skills Standards Council to develop skill standards as part of the National Skills Standards Act.
  • Served on the technical advisory team for the National Skills Standards Board to advise on all aspects of skill standards development in the implementation of the National Skills Standards Act.
  • Served as an advisor to a small federal government agency on the literacy standards of jobs.
  • See maintenance certification programs developed under training.
  • Evaluating the use of office skills certification programs for selecting clerical employees (noted under Personnel Selection).
  • Conduct executive coaching sessions multiple times per year with the senior executives of an agricultural animal nutrition company.
  • Conducted training programs on structured interviewing in many different locations of a forest products Company.
  • Conducted a large study of the role of job rotation for training and development in a financial department of a large pharmaceutical company.
  • Conducted a training program on needs assessment methodology for trainers and career development specialists in a large pharmaceutical company.
  • Conduct career development interviews with employees of an agricultural animal nutrition company.
  • Created a total employee development process for professional government employees including a job rotation system, a 360 feedback survey, a performance appraisal form, a promotion process, and hiring tools.
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