Selection and Assessment
Design and implement recruiting and selection systems, including structured interviews, tests, assessment exercises, and customized procedures

Litigation Support
Provide objective expert evaluation of HR systems, scientific evaluation of evidence, reviews of scientific literature, statistical analysis, and testimony relevant to discrimination lawsuits and arbitrations

Validation and Legal Defensibility
Evaluate and document the job relatedness and legal defensibility of selection, performance appraisal, and other human resource (HR) systems, also including benchmarking best practices

Work, Team, & Organizational Design
Design and reengineer jobs, teams, organizational structures, and processes to increase efficiency of the process, service to customers, and satisfaction of employees

Training & Management Development
Design and implement programs to increase worker and management skill and productivity, also including training needs assessment, training evaluation, ISO/QS, and web page content development

Skill & Career Development
Design systems to develop employee skills and careers, including career development programs, promotion systems, and skills standards and certifications

Internet Capabilities and Assessment Hosting
Develop and host assessments, surveys, and other interactive tools on the web to gather, track, and organize data

Job Analysis
Analyze the tasks, duties, knowledge, skills, abilities, and personality traits necessary for successful job performance

Performance Management
Create and implement custom performance appraisal and improvement systems, also including performance rating systems, 360 feedback programs, balanced scorecards, and high performance practices

Conduct surveys and develop programs to improve employee satisfaction, morale, labor relations, culture/climate, customer satisfaction, safety, security awareness, quality, and other topics

Turnover Management & Recruiting
Diagnose causes of turnover and develop reduction strategies, also including realistic job previews, incentives, exit interviews, and socialization programs

Compensation and Reward Systems
Conduct job evaluations and wage surveys and develop pay structures to improve equity, control labor costs, and increase employee motivation, also including pay-for-skills programs and incentive systems

Statistical Analyses
Analyze and interpret complex employment-related data sets including descriptive and inferential statistics, bivariate and multivariate analyses, and database compilation, manipulation and management

Example Clients
A listing of clients served including public and private and small and large organizations

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