Client Services

Campion Recruiting Services specializes in filling full-time and project-based positions in the fields of Industrial-Organizational Psychology and Organizational Development. We were founded by a prominent I-O psychologist who realized that the best candidates for a position often are not even looking for a new job.

This paradox is a dilemma for most organizations. Because talented, experienced, and motivated professionals are generally satisfied with their current position, they do not read want ads or actively scan websites to learn of new position openings. These candidates must be actively identified and contacted.

Every candidate sent to clients is carefully prescreened to ensure they are highly qualified for the role. CRS does not market or push candidates on organizations. Rather, qualified Industrial-Organizational psychologists or Organizational Development professionals with expressed interest in a position are presented to clients.

Campion Recruiting Services has made a substantial investment in a large and ever-growing database of I-O psychologists and OD professionals who are open to career opportunities both in the United States and internationally. This resource is the result of a thorough canvassing of both professions. Yearly surveys result in a dynamic and up to date database of nearly everyone in these fields potentially interested in a new position, thus allowing the best available candidates to be identified. Our database currently exceeds 5,000 professionals interested in the right career opportunities. This extensive database, coupled with our skills analysis system, allows us to prescreen a large number of candidates in order to find optimal matches with your job openings. Furthermore, our resources allow us to locate initial qualified candidates in as little as two weeks.

We emphasize customer service and work closely with our clients to determine search requirements, fine-tune searches, and facilitate the selection process as needed.

  • Campion Recruiting Services enables you to reach otherwise unreachable candidates.
  • CRS is a specialized recruiting firm. "Jack-of-all-trades" type firms may be unable to properly identify qualified candidates and address your recruiting needs with expert skill and knowledge.
  • CRS' database allows for location and prescreening of qualified candidates in minimal time. Initial qualified candidates are provided within two weeks (and often in even less time).
  • CRS maintains a nationwide presence and is accustomed to working closely with organizations of all sizes.
Please contact us for more information on how Campion Recruiting Services can enhance your search for an Industrial-Organizational psychologist or Organizational Development professional.