Resume Hints

A Few Simple Ways To Maximize Your Resume's Effectiveness

There are many different ways to create your resume and one way isn't necessarily better than another. What is important is realizing that your resume is a marketing tool. Just like people who create advertisements, you are trying to get the attention of a specific group of people. When creating or updating your resume, ask yourself:

  • Who is the target audience?
  • What information will that audience want and need?
  • Does that information dominate the resume?
  • Is the information eye-catching and reader friendly?

Other thoughts:

Keep it brief. Your resume should efficiently describe your experience and skills, not document your entire life history. Three to four pages is the generally the maximum length for an experienced professional. If you have only a few years of experience, keep it at one to two pages. Unless applying for an academic position, it is usually best to leave off your presentations and publications. Rather, a simple bullet point indicating that a listing is 'available upon request' should suffice.

Use buzzwords and catch phrases. The goal is to catch the eye of the person reviewing the resume because hiring managers often scan (rather than read) resumes, looking for key words. They may not have an in-depth knowledge of your field or have time to try to infer your abilities. The easier you make it for others to figure out your skills, the better chance your resume has at receiving a more detailed look.

Make it easy to read. Small or unusual fonts can be distracting and more difficult to read. And what looks good on high quality paper can quickly turn into a distraction after being photocopied and faxed once or twice (which happens as the resume is passed around a company). Get your resume read by making it easy to read.

Proofread, proofread, proofread. While this sounds all too obvious, tiny mistakes can be easy to miss and there are lots of errors that a spellchecker won't catch. A fresh set of eyes will often spot what you've missed, so have a friend give it an eyeball.

Take it for a test drive. Put your resume through real world circumstances and see if it holds up. Photocopy it and fax it to an acquaintance. Give them a few minutes to scan it and then have them summarize your skills. If they find it difficult to do, plan on doing at least one more revision.

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